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Filaggrin (hence :“fil”for filament, and“aggrin”for aggregate) is a major structural protein that appears to function as a keratin-aggregating protein. It binds to the keratin filaments and assembles them into macrofibrils. Filaggrin is stored in the granular layer as profilaggrin in an organellar body called keratohyalin granule. Profilaggrin is a large (>300kDa) protein made up of filaggrin monomers rich in phosphorylated serine-threonine residues and connected with each other by linker proteins. During keratinization, profilaggrin are cut by proteases and the serine threonine residues domains are dephosphorylated to form filaggrin. Eventually, the filaggrin degrades into small peptides, which act as natural moisturizers and as UV   ray absorber.


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