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The family of matrilins are typical modular proteins belonging to a superfamily characterized by von Willebrand factor A-like domains.

To date, four different matrilins have been identified, but their biologic role is still largely unknown. Matrilin-1, formerly also named cartilage matrix protein, and matrilin-3 are mainly expressed in cartilage, whereas matrilin-2 and matrilin-4 have been found in a number of different tissues.

Matrilin-2 is expressed in normal skin by keratinocytes and fibroblasts and may thus contribute to cutaneous homeostasis. Matrilin-2 is a widespread extracellular matrix component that can interact with itself and with other both collagenous and non-collagenous matrix molecules. This interaction repertoire, together with its oligomeric structure, renders matrilin-2 a good candidate as an adapter or mediator molecule for interactions between other matrix macromolecules during the assembly of an extracellular matrix. It has the potential to serve such functions in and between basement membranes, microfibrils and in the dermal extracellular matrix.

Piecha D, Wiberg C, Mörgelin M, Reinhardt DP, Deák F, Maurer P, Paulsson M (2002).Matrilin-2 interacts with itself and with other extracellular matrix proteins.Biochem J. 367(Pt 3):715-21.


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